Offender wellbeing

‘Through shared creative making, we make the first steps towards positive change. We talk, we laugh, we learn and begin to trust each other, build self-esteem and build relationships.’ Sara

What we do

Participants work alongside the artist, experimenting with a range of art materials. Through drawing, painting, text and collage, individuals are encouraged and supported to enjoy the process and express themselves freely. Working as a group, in pairs and individually, everyone creates a piece of artwork to take away. In addition, work created in collaboration with the artist can be used to transform spaces inside the insitution.

Through a shared sense of purpose and hope, the artwork sessions have helped to reduce incidents of suicide, self-harm and offending/reoffending inside and outside the prison environment.

Who for

Men and women in prison or at risk of going to prison


Either I come to you wherever you are, or if you’re local, make the most of an enhanced learning environment at my studio in rural Northumberland.

Cost and booking

Enquire through the booking form at the bottom of this page.

What’s been said

Eva Hamilton MBE – Founder & CEO of Key4Life

‘Inspiring and fantastic sessions! – A significant contribution to our rehabilitation programme.’

Sarah Pollard –  Key4Life

‘We love the flexibility and creativity in all that you do here.’

Dartmoor prisoner

‘The workshops encourage inclusivity and are challenging in a good way. They took me outside of my comfort zone and connecting with others. I felt encouraged watching other people’s eyes open to art and seeing their inspiration firing outside of the sessions. I think they encourage self-expression and I hope that we can keep them going.’  

Safer Custody Manager, HMP Dartmoor

‘There is no doubt that the sessions have improved the lives of those involved and played a part in making the Dartmoor community a little safer.’

Past workshops

See Arts Lab archive links

2020-21 Prisoners Sharing the Light project – Covid response weekly tasks for prisoners at HMP Dartmoor (Lottery-funded)

2017-20 Great Prison Art Exchange workshops with safer custody and at risk prisoners at HMP Dartmoor (Lottery-funded)

2016-18 Key4Life

Offender wellbeing Workshop
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