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Process-led and experimental in approach, Sara works primarily with paper and mixed media, allowing pieces to evolve into 2D and 3D inventions. Recycling old paintings and discarded art created in collaborative workshops, her layering process is all about deconstruction and reconstruction and the discoveries made en route. Cutting up, rubbing out, scratching into, painting over and rearranging, her intuition, informed by years of making and looking at art, tell her when the artwork is complete.

Old and new, the hallmark of Sara’s work is an upbeat joyousness through colour, bold, abstract forms, repeating pattern and a tendancy for the pieces to extend beyond the framework of conventional formats. Her work intends to delight, challenge and, like a puzzle, carry with it an intrigue as to how it was put together. Profoundly influenced by music, her paintings can be seen to be a visualisation of the most abstract of art forms – nuance and mood, rhythm and flow, contrast and vibrance.

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Fantastic stuff - and thank you so much for the opportunities that you have provided for my students to engage with wider arts practice this year!
Dan Paolantonio, Plymouth College of Art