Simply Abstract

“Sara explores and pushes the boundaries of abstraction, combining pattern, shape and colour to produce a truly impressive and intriguing body of work. Always moving, never standing still.”

Janet Mitchell (Devon, UK)

Nowhere does my work deal with the traditional representation of objects. Rather, it is an intuitive response to music and the rhythms and patterns in nature, exploring and celebrating relationships of colour and light, texture and decorative abstract forms. A lifetime’s passion for beauty in the arts and primitive forces of the surrounding landscape, together with years of study and teaching, have significantly fed this intuition.

All the work in this series is mixed media on paper, involving a build up of translucent layers of paint and collaged papers. At conception the paintings are free and playful, embracing sometimes accidental arrangements of contrasting forms and surfaces. Increasingly, the creative process becomes slower and more considered, drawing on an intuitive sense of perfect form and when to stop.

The Titles

All my titles are a playful and intuitive response to the finished paintings; they come at the end. The hope, however, is that the work stands for itself for the viewer to make his or her own interpretation.

Workshops for Everyone

I work with individuals and groups of up to 30. My aim is to deliver a fun and stimulating environment in which experimentation and expression is maximised.
Sara Downham Lotto