Much of my work is influenced unconsciously by landscape with its contrast of terrain and spirit, imagined or remembered, but never directly drawn from in a representational way. Elements of much of my work reflects intuitive responses to her moods, contours, colours and patterns.

Nature and the great outdoors are hugely important for me. A hankering for wild places that challenge the senses and physical stamina has taken me to far flung regions like the Nubian Desert, Patagonia and the Annapurnas. I get a similar buzz, however, from closer to home terrains in Scotland and on the doorstep on Dartmoor and the South Devon cliffs.

The Titles

All my titles are a playful and intuitive response to the finished paintings; they come at the end. The hope, however, is that the work stands for itself for the viewer to make his or her own interpretation.

Workshops for Everyone

I work with individuals and groups of up to 30. My aim is to deliver a fun and stimulating environment in which experimentation and expression is maximised.
Sara Downham Lotto