Most folk seem to like hearts and I had a Brighton Art Fair to prepare for. The centre piece consisted of 16 small heart paintings that could work equally well together ( as 4 rows of 4, for example), in a block of three or four, or individually.

Pattern and repetitive forms have always played a part in my work.

The repetitive heart motif in this instance unified a picture plain of submerged, otherwise disparate elements. Many of the pieces have been made on anaglypta wallpaper and others have resumed my characteristic technique of reworking old and ‘tired’ paintings. Stencilling, rubbing through paint layers and cutting out, there is a magic in how the hearts have materialised.

The Titles

All my titles are a playful and intuitive response to the finished paintings; they come at the end. The hope, however, is that the work stands for itself for the viewer to make his or her own interpretation.

Workshops for Everyone

I work with individuals and groups of up to 30. My aim is to deliver a fun and stimulating environment in which experimentation and expression is maximised.
Sara Downham Lotto