Painting and Music

Connecting the worlds of art and music with primary school children (2015)

420 children across 7 local schools in the Teignmouth Community in Devon (6 Primaries and 1 Secondary) worked with local musician and music teacher, Kip Pratt, and artist, Sara Downham-Lotto on the collaborative project Musical Art and the Art in Music. Many thanks to The Helen Foundation (THF) for funding the project, plus the retiring Mayor of Teignmouth, David Matthews, who made significant contributions.

The Devon school children enjoyed two half-day workshops during which they learnt about the cross-over connections between art and music. They created collaborative murals designed in response to music which was both recorded and live. Using a range of instruments which included a saxophone, piano, guitar, trombone, cello and bassoon, pupils composed their own music to accompany their artwork.

The project culminated in an exhibition, at Teignmouth Community School’s art centre, with pupils’ artwork being displayed to music they had newly composed. Open to the public, visitors were able to roam freely through creative displays allowing them to enjoy a truly memorable visual and aural experience. Over 150 pupils, from schools within the Teignmouth Learning Community, attended the exhibition.