Great Prison Art Exchange

Reducing instances of self-harm and suicide in male prisons (2018-21)

The Great Prison Art Exchange is a Big Lottery Community Development-funded project that uses art to reduce instances of male suicide and self harm at HMP Dartmoor. Conveying a positive message of hope and opportunity to permeate prison and community environments, for the last 2 years, Sara has run workshops with prisoners and community groups culminating in collaboratively created artwork to uplift and transform spaces inside and outside of the prison establishment. ‘Through shared creative making, we make the first steps towards positive change. We talk, we laugh, we learn and begin to trust each other, build self-esteem and build relationships.’ Sara  Downham-Lotto

‘The project encourages inclusivity and is challenging in a good way. It took me outside of my comfort zone and connecting with others. I felt encouraged watching other people’s eyes open to art and seeing their inspiration firing outside of the session. I think it encourages self-expression and I hope that we can keep it going.’  Dartmoor prisoner

For more information, go to or visit facebook and instagram: artslabuk