“An overwhelming desire to create an environment that would stimulate and inspire their students is what drove Mario Rinvolucri and James Dixey to open Pilgrims in 1974.

Concerned by the fact that teachers in traditional schools focused more on the course books and a method, they identified that a more immediate result could be achieved by putting the learner at the centre of the learning process.”

English as a Foreign Language through Art

Who for

Anyone who wants to learn or improve their English away from the classroom, through the unique experience of making art. If you are an individual or a group whose first language is not English, whether proficient or a complete beginner, my art workshops are a novel way of engaging with the English language whilst also having some creative fun. You do NOT have to be a great artist for these workshops, simply an art enthusiast.


What You Do

In a warm and welcoming environment, you will take part in a range of activities that are meaningful to you and that get you speaking, thinking and dreaming in English! Experimenting with different materials and techniques from my studio, we will draw, paint and make collages, often responding to music or original paintings displayed around the house. Building on your individual strengths in a fun way, you will find that your command of English becomes altogether more fluent and so much more confident.



Either at Arts Lab Dartington, or my home and studio in South Devon or with you, wherever you are. All the workshops are fully equipped and mobile.

What you Get

  • Enjoyment
  • Increased confidence and enhanced communication skills in a new language
  • Skill development in listening, conversation and pronunciation
  • Lots of new vocabulary, idioms and everyday expressions
  • Finished pieces of art to take home


What’s So Special

  • You work with a professional artist who is also an ITTI (Budapest) qualified English teacher with years of teaching experience.
  • Your tutor has had experience working with Mario Rinvolucri and Hanya Krysewska, both pioneers of Humanising Language Teaching. (Mario opened the renowned Pilgrims Language School and is author of numerous resource books for teachers.)

Their ethos – “Pilgrims does not teach a language but teaches people.”

  • Your tutor has a passion for student-centred learning and a belief that the most effective learning is achieved through engagement with activities that excite and interest YOU.
  • You have fun and make art.
  • All sessions are tailored to individual needs or the specifications of each group.

How do you Book

Contact me directly

How much does it Cost

This is dealt with on an enquiry basis

TEFL Experience

  • Durham Technical College, North Carolina, USA
  • Basil Paterson Edinburgh Language Foundation, Edinburgh, Scotland (designed & ran Edinburgh Festival Course)
  • Pilgrims Language School, Canterbury, Kent – Language in Action
  • Katedra Language School, Budapest, Hungary
  • English Language Services, Gdańsk, Poland
  • British Council Studium, English Language Department, University of Gdańsk


EFL through Art Workshop
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“I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and found them to be great in helping me gain confidence. You’re a great teacher. Thank you!