“Through the incredibly supportive environment Sara has enabled me to find the confidence to develop my own ideas and to grow as an artist.”



Who For and Where

Anyone can sign up for these sessions. They are ideally suited to those needing to build up a portfolio for school exams or art college entrance, someone who feels more comfortable working on their own or someone who simply wants to treat themselves.

The two-hour long workshops can be held at my home and studio in South Brent or at Arts Lab, Dartington.

If you’re happier for me to come to you, my box of materials and equipment is easily portable.

What You Do

In a warm, safe and welcoming environment, you will get stuck into a range of creative activities. From still life drawing and sketching of everyday scenes to free, abstract painting and collage,  it’s all about having fun exploring, using your imagination and thinking out of the usual box. Experimenting with a variety of art materials and techniques, the sessions are very much tailored to your needs and aspirations. Focus is on helping you to develop your own unique style through artistic interpretations of and responses to music, nature, my paintings displayed around the house and the work of other artists. The pace varies and embraces what you want to pursue or express on the day.

How do You Book

Contact me directly

How much does it Cost

This is dealt with on an enquiry basis

What’s Been Said

“Sara’s workshops are amazing – she is such an understanding, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. The workshops are fun and varied and can be quite intensive. They target precisely my needs and inspire me to develop useful skills. I always look forward to the next session. Sara is also guiding me towards applying for degree courses in Illustration and is helping me to assemble my Portfolio of work for the interview. Her encouragement and knowledge really help my confidence in taking this step.”


“I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and found them to be really great in helping me gain confidence and it’s been such a lovely place to be. You’ve been great teacher and I really appreciate all your support, so thank you!!”


“I am extremely grateful to you for your help at such short notice Sara, it is a great relief to us.”

Louis’ parents

“Sara has made such a difference to me – she is a wonderful teacher and mentor.”


“It was most inspiring and an amazing result.This is the first time Helen has considered anything just for pleasure. To get her thinking outside the box is wonderful.”

Helen’s mother

“Thank you so much for the inspirational workshops.”


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“I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and found them to be great in helping me gain confidence. You’re a great teacher. Thank you!