“It helped me slow down, learn more about art and nature and that learning can be fun”

Emily (aged 7)


Who for

Individuals, school groups, prospective art students – anyone interested in something over and above the ordinary level of making art – I aim to help you create work unique to you by creating an experience altogether more meaningful and rewarding. You don’t have to be an expert in drawing or painting, rather, someone who has enthusiasm for the subject with aspirations to develop your creativity.

What We Do

With over thirty years’ teaching and exhibiting experience, I have an aptitude from creating a warm, safe and stimulating environment in which to:

  • work on challenging and thought provoking activities that engage and inspire you to produce some great work;
  • maximise individualistic creative thinking and doing;
  • address YOUR needs and aspirations, respecting what YOU bring to the session(s);
  • develop skills in and through observation, drawing and mark-making, colour and composition, experimentation with mixed media;
  • learn from and make connections with live examples of my abstract paintings and other artists from the early nineteenth century to the present day who have paved the way towards abstraction;
  • demystify our understanding of abstract art through doing and looking;
  • build confidence in the courage to think and do ‘out of the box’ and faith that nothing you do is a mistake; there is no right or wrong. As Ken Robinson said, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”.
  • play and be experimental, intuitively responding to music, other artists’ and each others’ work;
  • evolve your own unique style of painting.


Anywhere: at either of my studios, at home or at Arts Lab on the beautiful Dartington estate; in your school or home; at a local place of interest, e.g. Buckfast Butterfly Farm, Dartmoor, the coast; at Kilve Court, Somerset – residential weekends for children; in a gallery during one of my exhibitions.


“We’ve sold ourselves into a fast food model of education” says Ken Robinson, “and it’s impoverishing our spirits and our energies as much as fast food is depleting our physical bodies”.

In alignment with this, my approach to teaching is more as facilitator. Triggered by early experiences involved in learner-based teaching English as a Foreign Language, it is antithetical to mainstream education where we are taught that experimentation and making mistakes are wrong. (We) “become frightened of being wrong. We stigmatise mistakes”, says Robinson. ”The result is we are educating people OUT of their creative capacities. We don’t grow INTO creativity, we grow OUT of it …. or rather, we get educated out of it”.

Ken Robinson Do schools kill creativity?

How do you Book

Contact me directly or go to Kilve Court, Somerset or DAISI (Devon Artists in Schools Initiative)

How much does it Cost

This is dealt with on an enquiry basis.

What’s Been Said

“Some brilliant ideas. …. Sara works really well with young people. We have received some excellent feedback.”

Annie and Roger Kirk – Trustees of The Helen Foundation

“I learnt that learning can be fun. Not rushing, but looking at detail. Meeting people with the same interests. I loved everything!!”

Hebe aged 8

“We got lots of freedom. I experimented with different techniques and was shown different art styles, helping me to find the style I like.”

Charlotte aged 13

“I enjoyed the freedom and independence of the art and we didn’t stop. It was fast paced and we got stuck in straight away. I would have liked the course to be longer.”

Lydia aged 12

“We were trusted to do more with guidance from Sara, and able to experiment so much more than at school.”

Daisy aged 12

Enrichment Education Experience

  • Kilve Court, Bridgewater, Somerset – Art Enrichment residential weekends – Yrs 3-10
  • Buckfast Butterfly Farm, Devon – Rainforest Riches for SWGaTE primary children
  • Beaford Arts Centre, North Devon – 3-day residential – Landscape – Yr 6
  • King Edward VI Community College, Totnes – weekly facilitator for The Open Box
    • KEVICC Art Group – weekly post-school – Yrs7-9
    • Exhibition Responses – Yrs 7& 8 Gifted & Talented
    • Artist studio visits
  • Kingsbridge Community College, Devon – Art for Challenge Week – Yrs 7-9

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“I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and found them to be great in helping me gain confidence. You’re a great teacher. Thank you!