“I think they are fascinating, and they involve so many things: drawing, composition, colour, quotations and typography. You have a terrific ability to organise shapes across the flat surface. Always engaging, always new.”

Martin Bedford (France –

For those more at home with the language of words than abstract art, this series hopes to provide a bridge or a way in to a new language.

The words in these miniatures were taken from a collection of nine volumes of quotations I compiled in my late teens, early twenties. Many of the wisdoms gleaned from writings of favourite artists, composers, writers and philosophers still resonate.

Weaving my technique of making mixed media collages on paper together with words printed onto acetate, the meaning of the text is enhanced by how they are arranged. Equally important has been the purely visual effect of the graphic marks of the font and scribe.

Workshops for Everyone

I work with individuals and groups of up to 30. My aim is to deliver a fun and stimulating environment in which experimentation and expression is maximised.
Sara Downham Lotto